Sodium hydroxide solution

… corrosive sodium, caustic sodium, NAOH – should be stored in tightly sealed containers made of nickel, iron, silver and gold.

Sodium hydroxide (NAOH) is a water solution of sodium hydroxide (sodium base) and is one of the basic chemical substances with strongly corrosive properties.  Absorbs carbon dioxide of the air, which causes the formation of sodium carbonate. In its fluid form, it is odorless and colourless.

It is used both as a raw material (sodium carrier) in many types of syntheses in the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. in the production of Polopiryna, salicylic acid, sulfaniloamides), for obtaining aluminium, water glass from silica, unblocking the sewage pipes, in water treatment plants, in the production of fats and soaps and in many organic and non-organic syntheses, in the paper industry, in the cometics industry, in the food industry (E524) and many others.